Ready Click Content Solves your Facebook Business Page Questions

One of the biggest challenges you face as a small business owner with a Facebook page isn’t getting set up on Facebook or reading Stubhub reviews…it’s how to manage your page’s Facebook content and grow your presence over the long haul effectively.

In other words what in the HECK am I supposed to talk about? And what do I talk about that is really going to help my business and make this whole social media thing worth my time and money?!??

That is where Ready Click Content can help. We offer Facebook posting calendars (aka editorial calendars or Facebook conversational calendars) that give you an easy-to-follow schedule of posts for your Facebook page.

Posting Schedule for Facebook

By following the simple Ready Click Content system you will find that managing your Facebook page is a snap. With your subscription, you receive a monthly posting calendar tailored to your type of business. These calendars give you a strategic mix of Facebook content for your business page and include all of the best practices to boost your SEO at the same time. And they aren’t *just* posting calendars, we’ve had them called “mini Facebook marketing strategies.” Plus, we share bonus tips and Facebook strategies for small business with you every month.

Check ‘em out!

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    • November 15, 2011
      I am super-stoked to launch my training course revamped as a stand-alone digital download PDF! Some of the things you will walk away knowing: How easy it really is for you to personally manage your Facebook page How to build your own media list for your Facebook content needs Facebook page Insights: understand the metrics […]
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      Yes, here we go folks. Another site overhaul with Facebook and there are comments flying! As with previous sitewide changes, the questions, comments, and complaints will lessen as people learn to use the new functions. I went ahead and looked at the changes and have broken them down. I’ll show you what moved where and […]
    • September 17, 2011
      Facebook added a new function this week called Smart Lists. I’ve seen quite a few posts from people unclear on what exactly this means, how it works, why should I care, etc. etc. So here is a detailed post all about lists. Many of you have seen (and even shared) that mis-informed post about Facebook […]
    • September 14, 2011
      Over the last year or so, we’ve all become familiar with the “check in”. Foursquare is one popular app as is the check in function built right into Facebook (part of the Places app). The intention behind these geolocation apps and services is to share with your friends where you are and what you are […]
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