Facebook Training Class for Small Business

ReadyClickContent has a popular ebook “Facebook Page Admin Blueprint”, written by our founder, Kelsey Foster (me!). You will receive a digital PDF chock-full of lessons that hold your hand through the many nuances of Facebook and allow you to ROCK your page. This class empowers you to approach your Facebook page with confidence and know-how!

Some of the things you will walk away knowing:

  • How easy it really is for you to personally manage your Facebook page
  • How to build your own media list for your Facebook content needs
  • Facebook page Insights: understand the metrics of success
  • Incorporating offline promotions into your Facebook activity
  • Managing the back end of your page: how it all works
  • Underused Facebook features that boost your search engine rankings
  • Ideas for cross-promotions with other businesses to grow your audience
  • How to use Facebook content strategies to add to your (cha-ching) bottom line!

The price for “Facebook Page Admin Blueprint” is $49 now just $29. You get digital-Kelsey, coaching you with action items that are easy to understand and immediately applicable.

The cost for this type of coaching one-on-one would be upwards of $900! But it’s yours for $29. A sweet bonus is that as Facebook changes and our lessons need to be revised, you will get first dibs on updated lessons at a ridiculously steep discount.

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